This is Coniun:
The best way to discover
and manage NFTs.

Upcoming Features

Real-time rarity scores and rankings.
Alarms for price changes and listings based on rarities.
Explore new wallets by their 24h profit, the number of bought/ sold items, or average buying price.
Coniun holders will be able to get whitelisted by upcoming projects within our website and mobile app.
Detailed collection analytics with holder reports.
Twitter list of a collection’s holders.
Peer to peer chat between wallets.
Advanced portfolio analytics.
Integration with Direcon to allow project owners to do giveaways via Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.
Alerts for projects that sold-out under 30 min.
Alerts for underpriced items.
Alerts for collection reveals.
Collection offers

We want to help the growth of the NFT market, and a strong community is essential to do that. Unlike others, we’d like to run Coniun with a community-first mindset. Therefore we are dropping the Coniun Pass collection to give back to the community.

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Coniun is a Direcon Inc brand which is the leading company that provides social audio analytics.

We are a team of 15 people who have been working together for the last decade.

We have built products, traveled the world, failed, got drunk, cried and laughed together during all this time. So when we say “we are in this together”, we mean it.